Our Integration Of CRM With Telegram And WhatsApp, Along With Call Functionality And Free Calling Options, Ensures Streamlined Operations And Enhanced Compliance, Meeting The Specific Needs Of The Industry.

CRM-Telegram Integration
Our CRM Seamlessly Integrates With Telegram, Allowing For Convenient Communication Across Multiple Channels, Enhancing Customer Engagement.
Call Functionality
Agents Can Make Calls Through The CRM, Connecting To Various Exchanges Or Call Methods They've Contracted With, Simplifying Client Interactions.
Effortless Free Calling with Custom Links
By Creating Custom Links, Users Can Make Free Calls, Providing A Cost-Effective And User-Friendly Communication Solution.
WhatsApp FX Platform

Our platform empowers agents to efficiently manage multiple WhatsApp accounts, send bulk messages without interruptions, and ensures chat history control by managers, enhancing productivity and compliance.

The integration of WhatsApp and CRM enables agents to use the same credentials for enhanced communication and data management, streamlining operations.

It ensures compliance by giving managers control over WhatsApp chat history, creating a secure and efficient environment for financial services.